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A Father’s Response to Sanctity of Life Sunday

Posted on January 27th, 2017 by A Canyon Hills Father

I felt led to respond to the sermon this past Sunday on God’s love for life, and equipping the church to engage with culture on this topic. It is a heavy and difficult topic to cover broadly across a few thousand people and I sincerely appreciated that Pastor Steve took the risk and the time to do so. God has used His church to prick the consciences and open the eyes of the world before, and I appreciate the reminder to not give up hope that He will do so again.

I was particularly grateful for the call of compassion toward women in crisis pregnancies. In my own passion against abortion, this is something I was lacking for a long time. It was not until we adopted our youngest daughter and built a relationship with her birth mother, that I truly understood how difficult these circumstances can be for a young woman.

My daughter is alive today because Florida had a law requiring mothers to have an ultrasound, and to be made aware of other options besides abortion for crisis pregnancies. That law went into effect literally within days of our birth mother seeking out a late-term abortion.  There was no such requirement for an earlier pregnancy she had terminated, but this time after the ultrasound the packet of information on adoption as an alternative she could not go through with the abortion.

Frankly, terminating the pregnancy would have been easier for this young mom. She had to explain to people over and over why she was not keeping the baby. She had to live through handing over the only daughter she has had so far to another family to raise thousands of miles away. Because of pregnancy complications she was unable to work for several months and had very little financial or emotional support during that time. The birth father wanted nothing to do raising another baby or helping her during pregnancy and was encouraging her to have another abortion. The pressure to choose the “easier” option was huge. And while it would have been “easier,” in some respects, it would have meant my daughter would not be part of our family today. God moved in this expectant mother’s heart and gave her the courage and strength it took to choose life.

Having watched a young woman go through all these challenges, I have tremendous compassion for women in these crisis moments. Yes, there is accountability and responsibility for our choices, but the fears and uncertainties and risks and pressure to choose abortion instead are overwhelming. It takes enormous courage and strength to choose life. When we shame these women and point fingers instead of offering mercy and compassion we push them into the welcoming arms of the abortion industry.

My daughter is alive because brave men and women had strong convictions on the value of human life. Those strong convictions were able to be put into words that moved other people to action and saved many lives, including my daughter. For all that to happen people have to be equipped, they have to be motivated and encouraged to act. I am very grateful that you gave words to feelings, equipped people with biblical and cultural arguments and covered it all in love and compassion.

I wonder if somewhere in Florida six years ago, another pastor did something similar once and it encouraged someone to act. Only God knows who might have been encouraged to act on conviction with courage this past Sunday.

Thank you.

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