Worship Internship

About the internship:

We are passionate about providing students with a platform for ministry and are committed to helping them develop their skills and leadership. Our desire is to help young people grow as musicians, worshippers, and most importantly Christ followers. The internship is specifically designed for students grades 9th-12th who sense a calling from God to pursue worship leadership and/or music directing, and who would like to intentionally step into opportunities to grow in these areas.

“The heart of this internship is for students to step into their giftings from the lord and to receive training as they pursue the call to shepherd his people through worship ministry.”

You will receive one-on-one coaching & discipleship, musical training, team building and much more in this internship.
Chelsea Mason
Worship Leader & Intern Director

The internship Experience:

The internship Experience:

1 on 1 Discipleship

One of the biggest focuses in this internship is the discipleship that takes place. We value students being invested and poured into not only in their musical skill sets but ultimately in their spiritual walk with the Lord. What happens off the platform flows into every part of life and we value caring for students on a heart level first.

Vocal & Worship Leadership

If you are a worship leader, you will receive vocal/worship training and support throughout this internship specific to your leadership giftings and experience. This internship provides weekly opportunities to lead congregational worship and it is our goal to prepare you for those shepherding moments.

Band Directing

Whether you are a worship leader or a music director, you will receive various trainings in the area of how to build and lead a band through a worship set. This kind of experience is necessary for any student interested in vocational worship ministry.

Team Building

This internship provides many opportunities to work and serve as a team. Interns will get the chance to grow in their spiritual walk as well as their musical giftings by coming alongside others with likeminded passions and goals. This internship provides weekly time to study, plan and grow as an entire worship intern team.

Song Writing & Recording

During this internship, you will have the opportunity to work with our worship staff in the area of song writing and recording. We provide hands on training and experience for students interested in the area of writing songs for the church.

More Information:

If you have questions, please email us at: chelseam@chccbw.org

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