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MARCH 4TH + 5TH, 2022

Navigating description. Come join us! We saved a seat for you.

This event is hosted by the Young Professionals Ministry at Canyon Hills, which is for singles 25+ however this event is open to ALL Young Adults, whether in college, single, married or other!



5:45-10 PM


Navigating Faith

One of the biggest misconceptions about Christianity is that if you are a person of faith it can be compartmentalized and stuffed into a nice box of attending church on Sunday and doing the right things. But what if following Jesus is an all encompassing endeavor that has the possibility to turn your life upside, or should we say right side up? The way of Jesus is the call to be truly human and allow it to infiltrate every facet of your life and this talk will lay out a roadmap for doing so.


Navigating Life

We are burned out and tired. We are more lonely than ever, more depressed than ever, but we are also more connected than ever and have more amenities and first world pleasures than ever? So what is the problem? While gaining all these cultural blessings, we simultaneously gained a speed and pace of life that is unsustainable for human flourishing. This talk will dive deep into the problem and the solution, showing a better (and slower and more intentional) way of being human and following Jesus.



Navigating Relationships

Relationships cut to the core of our very meaning and existence. Meaning, if we are good and healthy on relationships, things can be going bad but we still feel anchored and healthy. If we have unhealthy relationships, everything can be going well but we still feel in a rut. But the good news is human relationships are meant for our blessing, and God had a vision for them from the very beginning. This talk will explore God’s vision for human relationships, sexuality, and each other.



Do you have questions about faith, life, or relationships? Ask our speakers, Alyssa and Jefferson Bethke, LIVE! Have your questions answered here!


EARLY BIRD DEAL (Dec 1-Jan 31): $39 per person
Regular Price: $49 per person

Conference Gift Package ~ additional $10         Includes Conference Ticket, Free T-Shirt,                 Jefferson Bethke Book, YP Sticker

~Free Brewed Coffee

~Craft Espresso Beverages for purchase

FRIDAY: Free Dessert

SATURDAY: Free Chick-fil-a Breakfast Sandwiches

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