All are precious in His sight

WE BELIEVE THAT ALL CHILDREN are a gift from God, loved by Him and cherished by their families! We also believe that every child should have the opportunity to know the great love of God and experience the love and caring of the community of believers. We also know that each child is unique! Some of our children have a variety of special needs and need a more individualized teaching approach with a more active, hands-on learning environment.

During our 9:30AM and 11:00AM Sunday services, we provide a comfortable ‘home-base’ classroom for children with special needs.


These classrooms include some alternative learning activities in a much more relaxed atmosphere while adapting the same Bible curriculum used throughout our Children’s Ministry classrooms. In addition, our goal is to integrate these students into our regular Sunday morning programs when it is appropriate for them, accompanied by one-on-one volunteer aides.


Our goal for each classroom is to provide:

  • a loving environment where children can learn about Jesus in way they can understand and value
  • an increased student to teacher ratio (usually 1 teacher for every 1-2 students)
  • a more individualized and interactive learning environment
  • open communication between student, teachers and parents
  • a successful transition into typical classrooms and large group activities whenever appropriate for the student.


Teachers and aides in this ministry are all volunteers. Some have limited or personal experience and others are professionally trained but they all have a heart to serve our families with special needs children. We encourage open communication between the teachers and parents in order to help us understand how we can best serve the child and the family.


We look forward to serving you and your family and we’re praying that your experience here at Canyon Hills Community Church will be just what you’ve been looking for!

Contact Information

If you want to register your child in our Special Needs Ministry just contact the Children’s Ministry office at (or call 425-488-4121). We’d like to have some information about your child before their first visit so that we can make it a successful experience for you and your child! You can click below or call us and we’ll send you a very basic form that will help us begin to get to know your child even before we meet them. Then we’ll want to talk with you a bit and answer some of your questions and we’ll get a few suggestions from you!

CLICK HERE for a form to fill out to provide us with all the information we’ll need to assess how we can serve your family and bless your child through our special needs program.