Why We Give

PART OF OUR WORSHIP is giving sacrificially and cheerfully. We are responsible to steward God’s resources excellently and be an example of Jesus to our community. We cheerfully give God our “first fruits” because it is one of the primary ways in which we serve God. Jesus first sacrificed for us and because of this we gladly sacrifice for the sake of the gospel (Proverbs 3:9; 2 Corinthians 9:7). Click any of the links below to help support our mission of making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ.

Year-End Giving

PLEASE NOTE that for a contribution to be recorded on your 2022 giving statement, it must be postmarked or received by the church (in the office or in the offering) by December 31. Be aware that our church offices will be closed December 25 through January 1. The date on the check does not establish when the contribution is received. Online giving through all methods will be recorded on the date it is processed by the bank, which is generally two days after it is submitted. If you have any questions, contact Joyce Karmil at 425-488-4121 or joycek@chccbw.org.

General Fund (Tithes)

We cheerfully give God our “first fruits” because it is one of the primary ways in which we serve God. The General Fund is what Canyon Hills would refer to as “the storehouse.” CLICK HERE to give to the General Fund.



Food Bank

Due to COVID-19, the Food Bank’s operations have changed quite a bit and we are serving far more families than ever before. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ within our community in this tangible way. CLICK HERE to give to the Food Bank.


Building Fund

Seperate from the General Fund, the Building Fund is used for all physical improvements needed to buildings or structures at Canyon Hills. This fund is used for general maintenance around the building. CLICK HERE to give to the Building Fund.


Community Outreach

Canyon Hills uses funds from Community Outreach to support a number of local ministries in the area. CLICK HERE to give to Community Outreach and select a specific ministry from a drop-down list.  (Food Bank, Aid and Assistance, etc).


Global Outreach

One-hundred percent of the money given goes immediately to God’s work around the world. This fund is for general Global Outreach assistance and there are links below if you’d like to give to specific partners or trips. CLICK HERE to give to Global Outreach.


Global Partners

No money is given from Tithes and Offerings to support missionaries (Global Partners). All Canyon Hills Global Partners are funded by people who specifically donate to their ministry overseas. CLICK HERE to give to a specific Global Partner.


Global Encounter Teams

The Global Outreach fund does not financially support anyone going on a Global Encounter Trip (short-term mission trip), as each person is responsible for raising their own support. CLICK HERE to give to an individual going on an upcoming Global Encounter Trip.


Giving Statements

Starting in 2019 we moved to PushPay for online giving. You can access past giving records by CLICKING HERE.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all the answers to the frequently asked questions by CLICKING HERE.