Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

If you don’t see your question answered here, please email or call 425-488-4121.

With the switch to giving through PushPay, can I still give by cash and check?
Yes! The switch to PushPay will only affect those who give digitally (online or via our mobile app).

What do I need to do in order to switch my online giving to PushPay?
First, you’ll need to cancel any recurring gifts through FellowshipOne by clicking HERE (If you’re having trouble, more info below).

  • How do I find where to cancel my recurring gift in FellowshipOne?
    When cancelling your gift in FellowshipOne, click on “Schedules” and then the blue or magenta date you wish to cancel. From there, you’ll find a “Delete this schedule” option in the bottom left corner of the window.

Next, you’ll need to go back to the GIVE PAGE and setup the recurring give through PushPay (If you’re having trouble, more info below).

  • I can’t find PushPay, how do I get there?
    The reason it may be hard to find is because the transition is meant to be seamless. The easiest ways to give through PushPay is to visit the GIVE page at the top of our website, or download the Canyon Hills App and tap GIVE.

If I schedule an online gift through PushPay, when will it charge my bank?
When giving digitally, your bank will be charged immediately.

Can I still give through my bank?
Yes! The switch to PushPay will only affect those who give digitally through OUR website or app.  If you pay through an online method your bank provides, you can continue to do that.

How often will I need to input my bank account information?
Only once. This new way of giving will ultimately be easier, faster and more secure. PushPay will remember your information every time you login regardless of your method to do so.

Can I give via our Mobile App?
Yes! Tap the Give tab at the bottom and follow instructions (once your information has been set up, you simply tap GIVE and enter your amount).

Bank Fees: What is best for the church?
When you use your credit card for your tithe, or for registrations, the bank charges around 2.5 percent to the church.  1.75 percent is charged for Debit Cards, 1 percent for ACH (direct transfer from your bank), and $0.25 per check.

Can I give by text?
Text CanyonHills to 77977.

How do I contribute to someone going on a Global Encounter Trip?
CLICK HERE to donate funds digitally to a particular Global Encounter Trip. Be sure to select the team that you would like to support and then select a specific team member on that Global Encounter Team.

How do I contribute to a Global Partner?
CLICK HERE to donate funds to a specific Global Partner. Be sure to select the specific partner/family.

How do I contribute to a specific community outreach program?
CLICK HERE to donate funds to a specific local outreach ministry. Be sure to select the specific program.

Do you take donations of stock?
Through a member of our church who works with Charles Schwab, we are able to accept donations of stock.  It is our policy to immediately sell donated stock.  If you are interested in donating stock you can call Eric or Sarah at 425-485-4700. Once you have donated stock, please send an email to in order to lower the potential of gift reduction during market volatility.

Where do I send gifts by mail?
Canyon Hills Community Church
22027 17th Ave SE
Bothell, WA 98021