AT CANYON HILLS, WE WANT TO MAKE A BIG DEAL OF SOMETHING THAT GOD LOVES. God sees marriage as valuable, and so we want to encourage married couples (or not yet married people) to get excited about what God calls very good!



We look for every opportunity to celebrate something that God calls very good!
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 Stay tuned for our Young Marrieds Date Night


Life Groups

The best way we can celebrate and help build your marriage is through Life Groups. We get couples into Life Group community to strengthen their faith and marriage. CLICK HERE to find a Life Group to join.



We help start and reinforce marriage commitments because God loves your marriage
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Stay tuned for info on our upcoming events and classes:

We don’t currently have any events starting up, but check back often to see what’s available. 

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Contact Information

For questions or more information, please email or call 425-488-4121.  Follow the Canyon Hills Facebook page for posts on events that happen throughout the year.