Canyon Hills is an Elder-led church

THE SERVANT LEADERS OF CANYON HILLS Community Church is the Eldership. This team of co-equal Pastors and Elders is made up of men who are spiritually qualified (ITimothy 3, Titus 1),  and equally responsible (1Peter 5). At Canyon Hills the title of Pastor is used to describe the elders who are in full-time paid ministry, and the title of Lay Elder describes the elders who still work in the marketplace. The Eldership is responsible for guarding (Titus 1:9), guiding (1Timothy 5:17), and growing (1Timothy 4:12-13) the church in fulfilling its mission.


Elders at Canyon Hills:

  • Jeff Dunlap
  • Dennis Grode
  • Larry Kautzman
  • Glenn Kazen
  • Randy Ketchem
  • Randy Trettevik
  • George Wilson
  • Randy Long
  • Dale Murphy

Deacons at Canyon Hills:

  • Joe & Anita Sullivan
  • Scott & Kim Jewett