Pre-Marriage Counseling at
Canyon Hills

WE TAKE MARRIAGE VERY SERIOUSLY at Canyon Hills Community Church and trust that you do as well, which is why you have come to this particular page.  Teenagers spend hundreds of hours preparing to drive a car.  Young recruits spends months preparing to be soldiers.  If driving and the military require months of preparation, how much more should a couple considering marriage prepare for one of the most important decisions that they will ever make.

Preparing for Marriage Class

For couples considering marriage, whether dating or engaged–sign up for “Preparing for Marriage” at Canyon Hills! Email for more information or CLICK HERE to register for the next upcoming class.

Is this a prerequisite to getting married at Canyon Hills?

Canyon Hills Community Church places a high value on pre-marriage counseling  and will not allow any pastors of the church to perform a wedding unless the couple has completed pre-marriage counseling that is exhaustive and rigorous.

If you are considering marriage, we HIGHLY encourage you to get signed up for pre-marriage counseling.  If you are already engaged then we HIGHLY encourage you to get signed up for pre-marriage counseling immediately.

How do we get scheduled for Pre-Marriage Counseling?

In order to get signed up, you will need to download the Pre-Marriage Paperwork.  Once we receive the paperwork, we will work as fast as we can to get you connected to a pre-marriage mentor couple who will take you through our curriculum.  At times, we have so many couples preparing for marriage that our counseling takes place in a class setting.  Our curriculum takes approximately 8-10 weeks to complete.  After you have completed the counseling, you will then be put in contact with a pastor who can perform your wedding.  (If you have a pastor in mind, it would be good to let that pastor know of your intentions and date.)

CLICK HERE to download our printable Pre-Marriage Application