Winter Quarter 2019

Current Classes

Begins Tuesdays, January 22  6:30-8:30PM  |  Cost: $40

In this 8-session course students will be introduced to the study of systematic theology. Beginning with an introduction to the Bible, students will survey the doctrine of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Humanity. This course seeks to establish a foundation and framework for a life of worship according to His Word.  INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Mark Wilson

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Begins Thursday, January 24  6:30-8:30PM  | Cost: $40

This is an 8-session study by Paul Tripp. Parenting is much more than using your authority to get children to behave—it’s getting to the heart of a child! When the heart changes, their behavior will change and last. Let’s learn how to be an instrument of heart-changing grace in our homes. For parents of toddlers to teens, or even soon to be parents!  INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Larry Williams

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Begins Thursday, January 24  6:30-8:30PM  | Cost: $30 

A 10-week class for those who have taken Track 1 of the Biblical Counseling training and are looking to become a certified biblical counselor. This class will take the student through each of the 54 questions giving insight regarding content and Scripture required for successful completion of the exam.  INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Ben Marshall

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Begins Tuesday, January 22  6:30-8:30PM  | Cost: $40

Dave Ramsey’s DVD program shows people how to put into practice the proven common-sense principles that allow them to eliminate personal debt and achieve financial peace. This 9-session class is great for married couples, couples considering marriage and anyone who desires to get their finances in order.  INSTRUCTOR: Joe Sullivan

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Begins Thursday, January 17  9:15-11:30AM  | Cost: $30 

Applicable for those already married (no matter how long!), those who are already planning to be married to that “someone special”, but perfect for ANY of you who hope to be married some day in the future! This short course is also for those family members and friends who desire to support and encourage the people in your life who are married in this most holy covenant in a changing world that is hostile to marriage. INSTRUCTORS: Sue Brice & Amanda Sullivan

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Begins Sunday, February 3  11AM  | No Cost

Whether you are new to the Christian faith or are just searching for answers, we are here to help. We invite you to an interactive class called, “Starting Point.” This 8-week class has been specifically designed to help you discover the essential elements of what it means to be a Christian. INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Chad Torrison.

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More Classes

Canyon Hills also offers other classes periodically through other ministries as well.

Saturday, February 9  9AM-1:30PM  | Cost: $5

Discover Canyon Hills, our Membership class, in now open for registration.  If you’re new to Canyon Hills and want to connect with others, learn about our core beliefs and values, or learn the steps to becoming a member, this time is for you.  Lunch is included. Must pre-register. (No child care.)  INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Steve Walker.  For more information contact  We offer this class three times each year.

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Contact and Information

We hold classes in the fall, winter and spring.  If you have any questions about these classes or registration, please email or call 425-488-4121.