Summer Camp

There is one who hails from the future concealed. He travels from city to city to herald what is yet to come. To those who are willing to hear, he proclaims how the choices in front of them lead to a future yet revealed. This moment of decision is known as ZERO HOUR: The appointed time that action must be taken. Join us this Summer as we turn our ears to the words of the future that alter our life in the present.

What We Do

With all the activities, games and fun at camp you won’t have any problem finding things to do including paintball*, motocross*, lake activities or just hanging out with friends. If that’s not enough, the team competition is crazy fun and the winners get to represent as camp champs with sweet. swag. (*extra fee)

Sign Me Up

Early Bird: $420 on May 5
Sign up in the Canyon Hills Church Lobby or through our link and save $30 and get free paintball. ($50 value)

Standard: $450 after May 5
Register at any student ministry event or through our link.

REGISTER HERE | Zero Hour Packing List